and never forget
where we came from.

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cosnova is a family business


With our brands essence, CATRICE and L.O.V we have set new standards on the international cosmetics market. There are a variety of reasons for our success: after so many years, we are proud to remain an owner-run company that stands out for its lean organization and avoids unnecessary bureaucracy.

This way, we are able to realize our innovative concepts and sell our products at the absolutely best price-performance ratio possible.

cosnova in numbers


Best price-performance ratio:
over 90 % of the products by the brand essence, which are sold at an average price of 2 Euros, and the CATRICE range with an average price of 3.50 Euros, are manufactured in Europe. On a daily basis, we demonstrate that trend-con-
sciousness and excellent quality are not a matter of price.

Innovations, creativity, movement, speed & quality:
we analyze all products internally and externally and have strict, regularly monitored requirements for our suppliers to ensure that customers around the world can rely on the high cosnova standards. At the same time, up to 50% of the brands’ ranges are renewed annually. In combination with the regular limited trend collections, we guarantee tremendous innovative power and keep an impressive trend process going.

This concept pays off:
essence is the highest selling cosmetics brand across all price segments, making it Europe’s No. 1.
(Euromonitor International, 2013)

Our employees – everyone counts:
cosnova currently has more than 300 employees with a steadily rising tendency. These highly qualified people and their passion for their work are the ones who make our mutual success possible. This is one of the main reasons that cosnova GmbH is in such a financially solid position.



Our Success Story


and proud to successfully
shape the future of cosnova
since 2001.



Launch of the essence brand in Germany



Launch of the CATRICE brand in Germany

cosma GmbH becomes cosnova GmbH with new headquarters in Sulzbach (Taunus)



The first subsidiary is established out of Sulzbach: the cosnova Inc. in New York, USA

Meanwhile, the two brands essence and CATRICE are sold in 10,000 POS in 30 countries

More than 50 employees are now contributing to the success of the company



cosnova celebrates its 10-year anniversary with over 150 employees

The company reports a net sales turnover of more than 150 million Euros, surpassing the previous year’s performance by +24%



In the fiscal year 2013, cosnova achieves a net sales turnover of 247.5 million Euros and surpasses the previous year’s figures by +17% with this record result

essence is the best-selling brand in the decorative cosmetics segment in Europe



In total, the company has increased its sales revenues by 13 % during the past fiscal year. In doing so, the previous year’s sales figures of 247.5 million euros have been surpassed with a net sales turnover of 279.3 million euros. cosnova Beauty is thus continuing its positive sales trend of recent years


Launch of the L.O.V brand

The company employs around 350 people

cosnova Beauty completed the fiscal year 2016 with a net sales turnover of 361.4 million Euros, surpassing the previous year’s figures by 14.2 %. With 33.6 % in terms of volume (Source: Nielsen 2016), the company managed to further expand its market share and even achieved the highest market share on the German cosmetics market



Founding of cosnova Brazil in São Paulo, Brazil


Establishment of cosma GmbH by Christina Oster-Daum



So far, the company has ten employees

Javier González becomes co-owner and Managing Director



The new number 1! With a market share per sold unit of 17.6%, essence is Germany’s best-selling cosmetics brand



cosnova sells over 100 million products worldwide with its two brands



cosnova breaks the 200 million Euro sales threshold for the first time and achieves a net sales turnover of 212.1 million Euros

The company taps into ten new sales markets, its products are now available in Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa

cosnova products are sold at over 20,000 POS worldwide

cosnova is volume market leader in eleven countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Launch of the first range of essence fragrances “like a ...” with six different fragrances

Mathias Delor is appointed as the third Managing Director of cosnova GmbH



Hilko Prahl is appointed as the fourth Managing Director of cosnova GmbH 

The company employs more than 300 people

cosnova Beauty has achieved its annual objectives again and is continuing to grow more rapidly than the entire cosmetics market. With a net sales turnover of 316.6 million Euros, the previous year’s figures were surpassed by 13 % and the company has once again ended the fiscal year with a double-digit increase in sales



Founding of cosnova Italia in Milan, Italy


Our Values

Mitarbeiter präsentieren die Werte von Cosnova

We love
our work

and stand for deep-rooted
values in our dealings with
one another.

Innovation meets reliability


cosnova walks the world with open eyes. Every day, this world seems to get smaller and turn faster.  

And we turn with it: cosnova knows and defines the trends of tomorrow. We are able to offer product development at top-
speed like scarcely any other company.

This level of product rotation is only possible if there is stability. We are good at change because we know where we stand. 

We place high demands on the quality of our products. We stand for loyalty – towards our employees, our distribution partners and our business locations. We take responsibility and are deeply involved in social projects.

The cosnova values have provided the basis of our daily work for over a decade. And they will continue to do so.

  • Our Values - Optimism
  • Our Values - Dynamic
  • Our Values - Diversity
  • Our Values - Open-Minded
  • Our Values - Learning Company
  • Our Values - Balance
  • Our Values - Respect
  • Our Values - Reliability
  • Our Values - Trust in People

    Our Initiatives


    to be better

    Corporate responsibility at cosnova

    We’ve been investing in social and sustainable projects for years as reflected in long-standing partners such as Malteser International in Frankfurt, the Stiftung Kinderzukunft foundation and Kinderdörfer in Litauen e.V. children’s villages for Lithuania. We’ve achieved a lot together, and we aim to continue on this road to a better future.


    Our employees play a decisive role in our commitment


    Support from a broad base is crucial in ensuring any commitment. We include our staff when we decide on an initiative – anyone is welcome to join in, but there’s no obligation.


    World Vision Micro

    Joining forces
    with Malteser International

    Kinderdörfer in Litauen e. V.
    children’s villages in Lithuania

    Beauty sessions
    at women’s shelters

    Other corporate responsibility activities at cosnova


      The fema centre for girls and women

      The Griesheim-based fema centre provides a recreational and educational outlet for local girls and women aged 10 to 27.

      The fema centre provides girls from the Griesheim area with a safe place to develop their interests and find help in tackling their homework. We support the centre in different ways, and our aim is to provide girls with a place to go to where they will always find a sympathetic ear. 


      J. P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

      The J. P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is a company run held in a worldwide series involving thirteen cities. This company run has attracted fans from five continents as they run, celebrate and donate to charity.

      Around a quarter of a million people take part in the global run every year. The biggest race will be held in Frankfurt with around seventy thousand runners taking part in what has come to be the largest company run in the world. Our cosnova employees will be there too, providing active support for the values of the ​​Corporate Challenge – team spirit, communications, collegiality, fairness and health.