Raise your Voice: Beauty Brand L.O.V is testing an interactive smart mirror

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Identifying trends and the latest technologies and transferring them to the beauty market – cosnova not only sees itself as a driver of innovation and manufacturer of decorative cosmetics, but also as a pioneer for new tools and trend expertise at the Point-of-Sale. With its youngest brand L.O.V, the company translates the digital trend of voice recognition into a unique display concept and has developed a prototype for a smart, digital mirror in the Beauty Shop.

Voice Assistants were once again a key topic at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas as well as at the Southby Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin. A trend that no longer only appealsto technology enthusiasts: no matter whether navigation in cars, switchin gmusic on and off or dictating messages – carrying out simple actions with voice commands is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. As a digital trendsetter with the mindset of offering L.O.V users a unique shopping and brand experience at all times, the brand was the first to develop a voiceactivated digital assistant at the Point-of-Sale. A Smart Mirror supports the individual product advice in the drugstore with product information and tutorial videos.  

Video: Here’s how the prototypeof the L.O.V Voice Activated 
Beauty Shop works:

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A perfect Beauty Look via voice command – now possible thanks to the L.O.V Voice Activated Beauty Shop

With the L.O.V Voice Activated Beauty Shop, individual beauty advice at the Point-of-Sale is no longer a futuristic vision. No matter whether you’re looking for a specific product type, color or special characteristics – with the assistant, it’s easy to find the perfect product. If desired, the recommendation can be sent via e-mail. Or you can use the integrated bar code scanner to display targeted information and product characteristics such as the formulation, finish and application purpose on the screen or to find other products like a matching lipliner to go with your lipstick. Exclusive tutorials and how-to videos show you how to combine the L.O.V products with a trendy look. A list of recommended products will be displayed at the same time. The videos can be played, paused and stopped via voice command, at which point the video is dimmed to allow a mirror effect. This means that the hands are free and thelook can be tried out right there in front of the large mirror display.  

The Voice Activated Beauty Shop is the latest prototype developed by the Think Tank and Digital Unit departments, which were specially created by cosnova to encourage trend expertise and innovations. “The megatrend of individualization and personal advice are playing an increasingly important role in drugstores. Our aim is to meet the consumer needs with an innovative,digital Point-of-Sale concept,” explain Maximilian Seidel, Senior Expert Creative Strategy & Concepts from the cosnova Think Tank, and Henri Ritter, Digital Innovation Manager. The journey from the idea to the prototype was a real challenge for the experienced Innovation Team. “We had several tasks to solve: which interface is suitable for voice recognition and which display fulfills the requirements of a mirror as well as offering intense color? Another challenge to implement voice recognition in noisy surroundings, but we will be even better equipped to solve these kind of issues in the future with new technologies like 3D audio. With the brand L.O.V, we have managed to develop a functioning prototype of a Smart Mirror, which of course doesn’t just work at the POS, it also offers the consumers an added value at home.” This benefitis reflected in the current evolution from a pure voice assistant to anassistant with an integrated touchscreen like the Echo Show by Amazon offers.

L.O.V, the youngest brand from thehouse of cosnova, stands for modern femininity and encourages women to expressand love all facets of their personality. The beauty brand accompanies women ontheir journey through life with clever, high-quality cosmetics products. In doing so, the brand always pursues its objective of offering a special added value for its consumers through technological innovations and trends. Nadine Langen, Director of the L.O.V brand, continuously works with her team to find solutions that meet the needs and desires of modern women and offer them a unique shopping and brand experience: “The needs of our clients always have top priority. To us, solving or simplifying these needs with digital options is one of our big challenges. In order to develop suitable concepts for our users, we work closely with our Innovation Department and digital experts. Our customers are smart, confident women who live life to the full. To them, digital gadgets are a part of everyday life. The prototype of the Voice Activated Beauty Shop is more than a digital feature in the drugstore, it is a product advisor, source of inspiration for new looks and aspecial service that turns shopping into a personal experience and totally reflects the spirit of the times.” 



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