Pilot and Influencer Maria Petterson is about to become L.O.V. brand ambassador

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Independent, smart and confident – these are just a few of the reasons why Swedish pilot Pettersson aka pilotmaria is going to be the new face and another ambassador of the successful beauty brand L.O.V from January 2018 onwards.

In a profession still clearly dominated by men, the 33-year old pilot has made it all the way to the top – in every sense of the word. She is also an internationally celebrated Instagram star. Her personal pilot manifesto: to encourage other women to believe in themselves and their dreams, and choose their own path – even if it may be a little rocky at times.

This dedication and her positive energy make the empathic 33-year old a perfect brand ambassador for L.O.V.





You can instantly see that Maria Pettersson loves her way of life when you look at her pictures. She posts daily images of her fascinating life as a pilot on Instagram under the name pilotmaria. Her main reason for doing this: to inspire women and encourage them to be themselves, to believe in themselves and to move outside of their comfort zone from time to time. “I know what it means to have to fight for your dreams. It’s only through personal strength and healthy self-confidence that I have managed to gain respect and acceptance in a profession that isn’t typical for women,” says Maria. On her social media channels, she describes how she achieved her dream of flying. Her positive attitude inspires her followers – currently 453,000 and continuously rising – and makes her an ideal brand ambassador for the female empowerment initiative by L.O.V.





“We are very happy to welcome Maria into the L.O.V family! She is an encouraging example for many young women and she’s the ideal ambassador to convey the idea behind our products. We
want to support every woman in feeling beautiful and strong by focusing on what she loves and who she is. Pilotmaria is the best proof of the fact that with passion and determination, women can literally aim high without sacrificing their femininity and affinity for beauty,” states to Nadine Langen, Director of L.O.V.



L.O.V, the youngest brand from the house of cosnova, stands for independent and authentic women, who express and love all facets of their personality. The beauty brand accompanies women on their journey through life with clever, high-quality cosmetics products. From now on, Maria Pettersson will join Angelina Kirsch and Sara Nuru to support thecampaign #lovyourself, which was brought to life in 2017.




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