Launch Of Germanys First Maker Shop

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As the top beauty brand, essence has managed to translate a globaltrend into a totally new shop concept.


At first glance, mass-market and trend expertise don’t seem like the perfect match – but the cosmetics brand essence proves that these two abilities make for an unbeatable duo. As a first mover in the German beauty market, the brand will open its essence Maker Shop in Berlin’ surban Mitte district in mid-May 2017. It won’t be a pop-up store in the conventional sense; it’s all about the idea of bringing the global maker movement to the high street and making it possible for people to experience trends.

The world builds, designs, makes andcrafts its own creations. The basis of this heightened sense of individualityis the worldwide maker movement, which is associated with the DIY trend and expresses the desire for more individuality. It’s this awareness that essence has recognised and reinterpreted for the cosmetics market. The essence Maker Shop manages to transport this trend to the beauty world, making beauty more individual and more personal.


Tailord lip gloss and fine-tuned nail polish-
Thes essence Maker Shop makes it possible


In the essence Maker Shop, visitors become co-producers and have the ability to create lip gloss themselves. Using a big colour wheel, any desired combination of colours can be achieved. Not only is the composition of the colours individual; the finish (matte vs. shiny) can also be selected according to your personal preferences. By adding glitter and fragrances, the individualisation of the texture is completed. Once the product is bottled, the packaging can, of course, be personalised too.

But that’s not enough! essence has also secured exclusive rights to the innovative La Nail Revolution nail polish machine.This tool can scan clothing or accessories; Nano Drop technology enables the reproduction of the exact same colours. Just two minutes later, the finished nail polish can be taken out of the machine.

cosnova,the company behind the beauty brands essence, CATRICE and L.O.V, considers itself not only as a manufacturer of decorative cosmetics, but as a pioneer in the areas of fashion and trends. The Think Tank, a division set up specifically to address the maker movement, demonstrates how important this internationally successful company thinks the area is. Being courageous, thinking out of the box and consciously defying conventions – that is this area’s job.

Together with cosnova’s long-time supplier ARNO and students from various German universities, the idea was developed further and the concept of the essence Maker Shop was born. The synergies that developed from cooperation between in-house trend experts, the visionary force of ARNO and the courageous and unbiased work of the student groups led to the creation of something completely new. The detailed conceptual design of the shop was then entrusted to the multiple award-winning creative agency DFROST in Stuttgart, who used the DIY trend to create the final concept for the store.

Not only did they consider the topic of co-creation; they wanted the design approach of the store to set standards. In the store, the field of cosmetics is skilfully integrated with elements of industrial design to create an inspiring atmosphere that will encourage visitors to be creative themselves as soon as they enter the essence Maker Shop. 

The grand opening of the essence Maker Shops will take place on 12 May 2017. The essence Maker Shop in Berlin will be open until July 2017.




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