Interactive entertainment by CATRICE

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Sulzbach, 20th of March 2018.

Innovative, individual and now also interactive. As the very first German cosmetics brand, CATRICE is going live on its website today with an interactive video. A passive user experience was yesterday – the future belongs to active formats in which the consumers can influence the course of action.

CATRICE combines the moving image trend with the possibility of individualisation and greater involvement. The video user turns into a film director and can decide what happens next. In doing so, he or she dives into exciting worlds and faces some situations that may seem familiar from famous movies

The focus is on entertainment. “As the first German beauty brand with an interactive video experience, we have one main objective: to entertain,” states Meike Ipsen, Head of Communication CATRICE, and adds: “at the same time, we see this as the future of Content Marketing as it achieves two significant goals: Brand Awareness and Engagement.“ To make sure that the entertainment factor lasts a long time, 16 different routes with numerous surprises were created, including travelling back in time to the 1980’s as well as a layover in a different galaxy.


Eva Kalkuhl

Head of Brand & Corporate PR +49 6196 76156 1425