Inside CATRICE – Digital campaign shows the personalities behind the brand

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„Unique in every shade“

This belief plays an important role in the communication of the cosmetics brand CATRICE. With its wide range of products and inspiring make-up looks for every type, CATRICE stands for the topic of diversity. Internally, diversity has been a central part of the corporate philosophy for a long time, and now the brand is showing it with the emotional and personal digital campaign “Unique in every shade”.

The campaign has been prompted by the current shade expansion of the global CATRICE bestseller, the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation, with which the brand aims to serve the widest possible range of consumer types.

As part of the “Unique in every shade” campaign, CATRICE employees are introduced with authentic photos and short statements on all aspects of beauty and care. “This is about the real faces behind the CATRICE brand and not about showing professionally styled models. Our employees love their job and work on innovative products every day with creative ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. For the photo shoot, they have become personal brand ambassadors and show the diversity of the team”, says Dagmar Riedel-Keil, Director of CATRICE.

From the 21st of January, the campaign will be aired broadly on the CATRICE website under and extended on digital channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

As a family-run company, cosnova places particular importance on personality and diversity. CATRICE has therefore decided to integrate real employees into the presentation of the numerous different shades. The heart of the campaign is the newly designed “Inside CATRICE” category on the brand website. Here, the employees are shown with their personal statements on the topic of make-up. They are asked about their favourite products, trends, their first experiences with cosmetics and their inspirations. For instance, you will learn that Asita from the Innovation Lab used her first lipstick at the age of three or four to emphasize her face.

Additionally, the Foundation Finder on has a new design. Consumers can now select the perfect CATRICE foundation based on their favourite shades of foundation from other brands.


With this campaign, CATRICE is taking a modern approach to corporate communication, making the brand more approachable and presenting new products in a particularly personal way.





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