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… that’s our promise. We love to produce fabulous cosmetics that make your heart beat a little faster. That inspires enthusiasm and is fun. That lets you unleash your creativity and personality.

We want to get a little better every day and are continuously working on having a positive influence on the lives of others – in our company, in our neighborhood and with our partners along our value chain. To us, this also includes treating the environment with respect. For a healthy planet. Because we are convinced that only a sustainably operating company can be successful in the long-term.

cosnova and WWF Germany

In our efforts to become a little more sustainable every day, we also collaborate with strong partners who are just as committed to the cause as we are. This way, we can achieve our ambitious goals together. As a partner of WWF Germany, for example, we are working hard on protecting the oceans by promoting the recycling infrastructures in Southeast Asia.

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Our five pillars of responsibility

Our goal:
Harmless ingredients regarding health, the environment and social responsibility.

Since our foundation, we have always said a clear "no" to animal testing. But we want more: We want to develop our products more sustainably regarding health, the environment and social responsibility. In doing so, these three topics are particularly important to us:

  1. A sustainable raw material portfolio
    • Sustainable ingredients
    • The avoidance of microplastic particles
    • Sustainable palm oil
    • Clean Beauty
  2. The welfare of animals and vegan products
    • 100% free of animal testing
  3. Transparency of the raw materials and supply chains
    • Full raw material transparency
Our goal:
The use of environmentally-friendly materials and the general avoidance of unnecessary use of resources.

Packaging protects our products and makes them instantly recognizable. To ensure that they are also as sustainable as possible, three main aspects guide us:

  1. Use as little material as possible
  2. Increase recyclability
  3. Use a high proportion of recycled material
Our goal:
Ensuring that all our suppliers comply with the international labor standards and local laws.

We do not have our own factories – so we look all the more closely at our business partners. Our Code of Conduct requires every supplier to adhere to fair working conditions and is a prerequisite for any collaboration. We have this checked by independent experts.
Our goal:
To positively influence the lives of as many people as possible – locally, regionally and globally.

Our responsibility does not end with our products. Through our many social and charitable projects, we aim to do good by all the people whose lives we touch.
Our goal:
The greatest possible reduction of our CO2 footprint on the basis of a holistic climate strategy

The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As a large beauty company, we are facing up to our responsibility of contributing to the protection of the environment and the climate. To do this, we are developing a science-based climate strategy with the goal of limiting global warming to at least below two degrees.

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Our progress:

We have been pursuing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for several years now and know that we need staying power to reach our ambitious goals – but we have also already managed to achieve many improvements, as can be seen in our chronicle.

With our first Sustainability Report 2018, we provide information on the improvements we have already achieved on our path. To make the 60-page report more reader-friendly, we have also developed a 15-page short version.

Who we are:
The CR Team at cosnova

Sustainability is not a project, but an ongoing transformation of the entire company. To this end, we have a dedicated team of experts who are paving the way for the future in close collaboration with the specialist departments and the executive management.

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Silvia Steinert

Responsible for Corporate Responsibility at cosnova

"In a world that’s in transition, it motivates me to proactively help shape this change for cosnova and its brands, so that we can make a contribution."

Silvia Steinert

Responsible for Corporate Responsibility at cosnova

"In a world that’s in transition, it motivates me to proactively help shape this change for cosnova and its brands, so that we can make a contribution."